Mid-Week Bible Study

A weekly study of God's Word, led by Dr. Tom Browdy.

Fall 2023 through Spring 2024

Life of Christ: The Miracles

Thursdays 10:30 am

September 7 - April 25.

The miracles of Christ will be examined in chronological order. From turning water into wine to

a great catch of fish after his resurrection. Material will be presented online and reviewed in class

at the church building. We will take the miracles as they are recorded in scripture to be true and

accurate even though they may defy logical explanation. Yet by looking at these miracles, our

faith in Jesus can be strengthened and remind us of how great our God is. Each week in class we

will also review one of Christ’s teachings as found in his parables as well as his life events. We

will avoid complicated theories or approaches. We will be concerned with four questions.

1. What does it say

2. What does it mean (in general)

3. What did it mean to the people that were there

4. What does it mean to us

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Spring 2023

The Life of Christ

A Study of God with Us

In this journey of Christ, we will highlight those special events that happened in Galilee, Judea, Samaria

and surrounding areas during his life on earth. We shall trace the footsteps of Jesus as he teaches, heals,

and interacts with those around him - from his disciples who considered him master/rabbi to the Jewish

leaders who came to hold him in contempt. His display of love and kindness reveals to us that God cares

deeply for His creation, and that Jesus’ life and teaching apply to us today. All four gospels will be used

to inform us of his life, death, and resurrection.

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Fall 2022

Whether you have read the New Testament many times, or just pick it up on occasion, or have no knowledge of its content this study will benefit you. The primary assumption of this study is that we are each one on a path of spiritual growth in Christ. There are many reasons to read and study the Bible. For instance, it mediates God’s presence and the truth, it is of ultimate personal significance, and it provides a foundation to cultural literacy. In this study we will look at the New Testament; it’s authorship, credibility, circumstances, context, and content. It is one of the greatest resources for personal spiritual growth and provides assurances of God’s love and care. The central character of the New Testament is Christ Jesus. The New Testament functions as an educational device for those who are his followers. To become a better follower of Christ means to get close to who he was as we find in the New Testament..

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Spring 2022

This 15 week study will be an examination of the Christian story taken as drama. We will move through the Bible showing how God has dealt with mankind since the beginning and through the church today. What we will see is a coherent narrative of God’s ongoing work. After God created the world and humans rebelled, God set out to restore what he had made. In some ways this will be a survey of the Bible but placed in the context of a drama. By looking at this drama we can see how God has had his hand in history and how we fit into his plan. It is a beautiful story filled with God’s love and caring, pointing to a bright future

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Fall 2021

This 19 week study, taken from the book The Whole Bible Story, and is about the major Bible story of God’s interaction with his creation in chronological order. What is covered are the significant events of the whole story; starting from creation through the traditional stories of Abraham, Noah and the ark, Moses and the 10 commandments, the kings of Israel, the events in the life of Christ, and the beginning of the church highlighting Peter, Paul, and others. 

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