Mid-Week Bible Study - Fall 2022



There are many reasons to read and study the Bible. For instance, it mediates God’s presence and the truth, it is of ultimate personal significance, and it provides a foundation to cultural literacy. In this study we will look at the New Testament; it’s authorship, credibility, circumstances, context, and content. It is one of the greatest resources for personal spiritual growth and provides assurances of God’s love and care. The central character of the New Testament is Christ Jesus. The New Testament functions as an educational device for those who are his followers. To become a better follower of Christ means to get close to who he was as we find in the New Testament.




Book(s) of the Bible

Sept 8

Studying the New Testament

Palestine and Jewish Religion in Jesus’ Day

1, 2

Sept 15

Gospels overview

Gospel of Matthew

3, 4


Sept 22

Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Luke

5, 6



Sept 29

Gospel of John

Overview of life of Jesus

7, 8


Oct 6

Teaching ministry of Jesus

Modern approaches to the NT: Historical criticism & Hermeneutics

9, 10

Oct 13

Modern study of NT: source, form, and redaction criticism

The modern search for Jesus

11, 12

Oct 20

The World & Identity of the Earliest Church

Earliest Days of the Church

13, 14

Acts 1-7

Oct 27

Salvation for both Jew & Gentile

Light of Christ to ends of the Earth

15, 16

Acts 8-12

Acts 13-28

Nov 3

All things to all people: The life and teaching of the apostle Paul

Paul’s letter to the Romans

17, 18


Nov 10

Corinthians and Galatians:

Apostolic council to confused churches


1, 2 Corinth


Nov 17

Paul’s letters from prison


Ephesians Philippians Colossians Philemon

Dec 1

The legacy of faithfulness


1,2 Thess. Timothy, Titus

Dec 8

Hebrews and James: Maintaining full commitment to Christ




Dec 15

Peter, John and Jude: A call to faith hope and love

Revelation: God is in control

23, 24

1,2 Peter

1,2,3 John Jude, Rev


Holy Bible (New Testament): NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV, NASV, et. al.

* Elwell, W., Yarbrough, R. Encountering the New Testament, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, Mich

Tom Browdy - tbrow@wustl.edu